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Expedia.com recently conducted a survey that indicates that about one-third of Americans do not take all the vacation days they are allotted each year. In addition, of all the countries surveyed, Americans received the fewest number of vacation days annually. The results:

The Expedia.com survey concludes:

Many U.S. employed adults may not be making full use of their vacation days and may not be getting sufficient time away from work. A substantial minority may be sacrificing vacation time for work. And more than one in four employed adults have trouble coping with stress from work at some point in the vacation cycle.

This isn’t shocking news to me. My own husband has about a month’s worth of vacation days saved up that he’s been unable to redeem over the past few years. It’s hard to get away from work these days, particularly with layoffs meaning that most employees now have an increased work load and are consumed with appearing vital to their organizations. Still, everyone needs some days off occasionally. Here’s hoping that Americans will, at some point, get adequate vacation time and be allowed to use it.


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